BURRI public elements, curtains, vorhänge, cortinas, leuchtkasten, natur in building, wild lement

>>> nominated for the design preis schweiz 2013!!!!

Elements go wild
-       a series of 7 pictures for curtains and light walls

for BURRI public elements
in collaboration with Frédéric Dedelley

Photos of applied images in architecture: Jürg Zimmermann

 photo: LIGHT WALL in canteen  //  Inkjet print on Backlit  //  H2500mm x 9000mm

The goal of this project for BURRI public elements AG in collaboration with Frédéric Dedelley was, to evoke emotions and to bring some wild and beautiful nature into the minimalistic architecture of the new headquarter of the company. In the very same building there is the planning, production, presentation and business area. Hence various employees, customers and also the management are interacting with these vertical zones that also function as a product placement for BURRI’s wide range of product and technique solutions.
A series of seven pictures used as curtains or huge light walls draw the red thread through the different rooms and also have an effect to the outside of the building, especially by night, when illuminated.

I put nature in relation to the elements and products. Flowers, Trees, hanging gardens are invading the building and Animals are checking out and animate the space and products.

technical Data:
-       Curtains: Inkjet on Trevira CS
-       Light walls: Inkjet digital print on Backlit foil

above picture and photo: CURTAIN  //  Inkjet print on Trevira CS  //  H3300mm x B 8200mm 

above photo: CURTAIN  //  Inkjet print on Trevira CS  //  H4600mm x B8900mm 
below pictures: CURTAINS and LIGHT WALLS details of different pictures


below photo: two LIGHT WALLS in main entrance  //  Inkjet print on Backlit foil //  H13000mm x B2000mm


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