During my work at Jakob Schlaepfer in St. Gallen, I also designed Embroidery for Fabrics. Different techniques such as Sequins, Yarn, and also the combination of Embroidery and Laser, so called Emboscan.

Hand drawing, paintings are often the start, inspiration again taken from photos: Some sketches, drawings and produced designs I created I present below.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> (Click on the pictures to enlarge)


LOUIS VUITTON  prêt-à-porter / summer 2008

Development of a new technique that enables to stitch several colours of sequins in one step and in a wide colour range.  I love design, and math! So this was a good combination of that, and the result was shown on Paris and London's Catwalks...

For Jakob Schlaepfer, in the collection of LV

The same idea and material, with another pattern, also for Louis Vuitton:

the show, and see the designs in the pictures above: Min: 8:49 / 9:07


The same technique as above but with a slightly smaller repeat in the pattern used also for the fabric in the collection of ANTEPRIMA / Prét-à-pôrter summer 2008

(The digital print used for the skirt in the picture is my design I did for Jakob Schlaepfer, too)


Often I find inspiration in details of photos I take in everyday life, at home or whiletravelling, another passion of mine. 

Collier / Paris 2006 >> Design for embroidery of Sequins on Tulle in two colours

 The Embroidery on the black Tulle (the repeat is about 60 cm wide)

And on green Stretch-Tulle a similar sequins-design:

And for samples to show the customers: The same pattern in different colour variations:


Embroidery is all about repeating the same pattern over and over again. Finding combinationsdrawings and putting them together in a new repeat. I sometimes also like to take the balance out of the harmony, ... :

LATIFA / drawing 2006


Drawings of curtains and flowers for a Lurex-Embroidery on Silk tulle:

The drawing from above as a fabric:  Black on White


Pages out of my Scrapbook:

Drawings, material samples, photos and paintings put together and used as a basis for several designs for different techniques such as digital print, embroidery and also Lasercut. 




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