Swiss pavillion expo Astana 2017 Claudia Caviezel Atelier Oï Textildesign Fassade Architecture


10 June to 10 September 2017

Artwork for facades and visuals from Claudia Caviezel for the first world exhibition in Central Asia in Astana, capital of Kazakhstan in collaboration with Atelier Oï 

For the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs FDFA CH

Welcome to the Swiss Pavilion! Step inside and discover an interactive and poetic ecosystem in the midst of the modern and dynamic Astana exhibition. Focused on energy efficiency and sustainability and the management of natural resources, the Pavilion is centered on renewable energy sources. It also shows off the beauty of the Swiss Alps and promotes Switzerland as fertile ground for scientific research and innovation.

below details of entrance facade:

Above: entrance facade ~22x9 mts / digital print on textile // Below: front facade ~9x17.6 mts / digital print on textile



IFDM –Agatha Kari: “Future Energy is the theme of Expo 2017 in Astana, from 10 June to 10 September. The Swiss Pavilion under the slogan Flower Power symbolizes the power of nature and its potential in the form of renewable energies.

The white landscape transforms into a magical garden with trees that dance in cycles and blooming flowers. Everything is colorful and dynamic in order to convey energy to the visitor through a real sensory explosion.
In collaboration with Claudia Caviezel and Expomobilia, Atelier Oi has designed a lyrical and poetical pavilion with stylized little white houses of various dimensions, rotating trees and colorful projections on the floor.”


Several images by Claudia Caviezel for the projections of the rotating trees and 470m2 big interior of the Swiss Pavilion

Above: Gobos for projections inside - and below: Design for Foulards - print on Silk / 80x80 cm

Photo credits: © 2017 – FDFA, Presence Switzerland / Atelier Oï / Expomobilia / Claudia Caviezel