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Nzz am Sonntag Design Textil Atelier PFister Claudia Caviezel kelim report

NZZ am Sonntag / Stilbeilage 2.9.2012


Vivienne Westwood, prét-à-portèr fall 2011, textile 

The painted animal print I designed for Jakob Schlaepfer, in the newest collection for
fall 2011 of Vivienne Westwood - just showed at the fashion week in Paris!

check out more on the official facebook site 





During my work at Jakob Schlaepfer in St. Gallen, I also designed Embroidery for Fabrics. Different techniques such as Sequins, Yarn, and also the combination of Embroidery and Laser, so called Emboscan.

Hand drawing, paintings are often the start, inspiration again taken from photos: Some sketches, drawings and produced designs I created I present below.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> (Click on the pictures to enlarge)


LOUIS VUITTON  prêt-à-porter / summer 2008

Development of a new technique that enables to stitch several colours of sequins in one step and in a wide colour range.  I love design, and math! So this was a good combination of that, and the result was shown on Paris and London's Catwalks...

For Jakob Schlaepfer, in the collection of LV

The same idea and material, with another pattern, also for Louis Vuitton:

the show, and see the designs in the pictures above: Min: 8:49 / 9:07


The same technique as above but with a slightly smaller repeat in the pattern used also for the fabric in the collection of ANTEPRIMA / Prét-à-pôrter summer 2008

(The digital print used for the skirt in the picture is my design I did for Jakob Schlaepfer, too)


Often I find inspiration in details of photos I take in everyday life, at home or whiletravelling, another passion of mine. 

Collier / Paris 2006 >> Design for embroidery of Sequins on Tulle in two colours

 The Embroidery on the black Tulle (the repeat is about 60 cm wide)

And on green Stretch-Tulle a similar sequins-design:

And for samples to show the customers: The same pattern in different colour variations:


Embroidery is all about repeating the same pattern over and over again. Finding combinationsdrawings and putting them together in a new repeat. I sometimes also like to take the balance out of the harmony, ... :

LATIFA / drawing 2006


Drawings of curtains and flowers for a Lurex-Embroidery on Silk tulle:

The drawing from above as a fabric:  Black on White


Pages out of my Scrapbook:

Drawings, material samples, photos and paintings put together and used as a basis for several designs for different techniques such as digital print, embroidery and also Lasercut. 





Claudia Caviezel erwin wurm art grafic vivienne westwood print jakob schlaepfer claudia caviezel

Vivienne Westwood  Ready-to.wear Spring 2010

The fabric of this dress I designed for the textile company Jakob Schlaepfer, was used by Vivienne Westwood and shown at the latest fashion Shows in Paris!

et voilà:

   (the pattern 140 x 140)





 The full show 


tape it     selection of diploma textile design, 2002 

Domino effects or chain reactions have been the method to create an inspiring collection, a fund of ideas with drafts, cloths, pictures, clothes, accessories and interiors presented in their various stages of development.
The adhesive tape marks my diploma collection.

I developed a new technique to make clothes seamless and reversible by using several different adhesive textile tapes.


Plissée Object used as scarf or photo-montage for fashion ideas: accessory 40 x 60 cm silkscreen on cotton, pleated with painter's masking tape


Part of the diploma collection were also paintings: acrylic- and spray-paint on wood, each 25 x 47 cm


Waistcoat Jacket Matador embroidery on wool ground fabric stuck together with adhesive textile tape in different colours / reversible wearable --/*/--Skirt and Lace-ups Ragusas textile tape make the pleats of the skirt, which all its painted yellow with acrylic paint, which gives it a stiff touch. The Lace-ups are put together with textile adhesive tape and green leather bands, the bottom are several layers of tape stuck together. --/*/-- Skirt Wendelin Silkscreen on neoprene stuck together with tape / reversible wearable


Going into SPACE / pumpkin tendrils

Skirt / cape ø 130 cm - Silkscreen print and spray-paint on former circular tablecloth, a green leather cord is holding the fabric on the hips. The same displayed onto the wall of a living room.



Blinds / tape it 2002 and Lucky Loft Gallery Hamburg 2006

Beige painter's masking tape stuck directly on the window. The several layers change the aspect and the effect of the pattern according to the changing of the light situation outside and inside the room. In sunshine, the shadow is displayed all over the room and creates a nice atmosphere.

I like it, because everybody can do it, it is cheap and effective! I want to animate people to improvise in their everyday environment, and be creative themselves, .... this is one way.

My idea to create patterns with simple painters masking tape on the windows was published in the first edition of 'Patterns in Design, Art and Architecture'.

(for more see link > press)


The same idea used with coloured paper- and textile tapes. Stuck together on both sides, used as a room divider or curtain, also changing its colour and pattern according to the light conditions.


Pages out of my sketch- and scrapbook during that time:



 Digital textile prints selection

Some sketches, drawings, photos and printed fabrics I designed during my work as a textile designer for 
Jakob Schlaepfer in St.Gallen, Switzerland.                 

Designed for Jakob Schlaepfer and in the Prêt-à-porter / spring 2009 collection ofAKRIS ♦ First prints below: Photogram layered in three colour versions on chiffon and sequins 

maybe you want to watch the show on
YOUTUBE! first print of mine at minute 1:13 !


Vivienne Westwood >> Prêt-à-porter / fall 2009

iridescent Polyester

Taking pictures at the Natural Museum in St. Gallen and playing with the colours and Photoshop lead to this animal print I created during my work at Jakob Schlaepfer, and which was bought by Vivienne Westwood for a coat, a full dress and a skirt!

see the show with PAMELA ANDERSON and my dress: Time: 0:33 //1:09 ________________________________________________________________________________________

Vivienne Westwood >> Prêt-à-porter / winter 2008/09

A simple colour degrade digital print on iridescent Polyester designed for Jakob Schlaepfer


Ben de Lisi >> Prêt-à-porter summer 2007

Digital print on Chiffon 140 x 140 / designed for Jakob Schlaepfer, in the summer collection 2007 of Ben de Lisi.

Often I find inspiration in photographs I take during my travelling. Either I use colours, shapes or the combination of them, to create a new design for printing. The picture below was taken in Istanbul in February 2009.


Ecoline-paintings constructed to a repeated textile print (140 x 100 cm). Drawings and paintingsof all sorts of things, and in different techniques are often the start for a new composition put together in Photoshop or Illustrator.

Designed for Jakob Schlaepfer 2007

The same technique but in other scale, shape and colour are in the first Decor collection of Jakob Schlaepfer. Printed on different ground fabrics.


Gianni Cagliano and Georges Hobeika  >> collections Haute Couture summer 2008

This colourful flower/tile design I originally made for the initial decor collection of Jakob Schlaepfer, was also used by the two designers Gianni Cagliano and Georges Hobeika in their collection.

On the occasion of the twelfth Designers’ Saturday in Langenthal the bistro of the Ruckstuhl carpet factory was enhanced with the same pattern I designed.

Fashion-Interiors-Wallpaper, Cars and Free Download of Pattern for Screensaver here!


Flower inspiration for this print in photos, drawings and Paintings: Pfingstrose / Acrylic- and Spray-paint on wood 


Another flower digital print on a heavy Lurex ground material also designed for Jakob Schlaepfer, and used by Vivienne Westwood in the Prêt-à-porter collection winter 2008/2009



Jakob Schlaepfer Decor Collection 2008

For the first Decor collection of Jakob Schlaepfer I also designed this print with plates and flowers on it. Printed on a heavy Lurex fabric, the silver threats shine gives it the heavy luxury and elegant touch.

Looking for motives in my kitchen-cupboard and finding inspiration in Martin Leuthold's(Creative Director Jakob Schlaepfer) wonderful Flower garden! 

The photo of the two prints where on the cover for Magazine "Metropolitan Home".


Oaxaca digital prints for Swiss Design Price 2007

Design below, 140 x 140 cm printed on chiffon and partly decorated with black coco pearls, for Jakob Schlaepfer and for the exhibition at the MUDAC in Lausanne, of the Swiss Design award 2007.

The print consists of handmade drawings brought together with Photoshop. Different layers of colours, sizes and pictures are composed to a print design for fashion. The combination with parts of photography I took during my travel in Mexico 2006 are different in size, and interesting to use in a dress and mark accents!


Silkscreen-prints on a light cotton material, in four different colour variations I did for Jakob Schlaepfer in 2006.


Some Print designs I did during my work at Jakob Schlaepfer in Newspapers and on Magazines! (a selection)



In the newspaper LE MONDE was written, Karl Lagerfeld's dress made out of my textile design for Jakob Schlaepfer: "Ce été, ce sera le must absolu: la robe imprimée insprée des tableaux impressionistes......Merci!

My first digital print I did for Jakob Schlaepfer was on the cover of the Lebanese Magazine Prestige






Workshop with MISSONI 

MISSONI in Madrid, MISSONI in the Prado-Museum, MISSONI and Art…

It is an experiment to play with the strong relationship of  MISSONI and the Art-world. I see it as a fusion of color and shape, which changes the message of the original paintings or drawings sometimes ironically, sometimes artistically.

  •            A series of pictures for postcards, a campaign
  •            Or just to be showed and framed as they are



r‘adys / hightech clothing (co-work with Industrial Designer Remo Freiflinklink2005)

 Design and coloring of the first outdoor winter and summer ladies-collection for r‘adys.

For more information go to FLINK

 moodboards / technical drawings and coloring

the process, ...