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Outdoor collection atelier pfister textiledesign floral print watermelon monstera

Outdoor collection for Atelier Pfister

I developed two summer prints for cushions, paper plates, cups, napkins and tableware // starting with drawings and paintstrokes, and handmade prints ...



Andeer, handtuft wool carpet, Atelier Pfister, Claudia Caviezel Textile Design

ANDEER - handtuft wool carpet for Atelier Pfister

170x240 cm //

image © Atelier Pfister

... on the way - sketches and making of




Indian Art Fair picture textile canvas new dehli textiledesign Claudia Caviezel patina

HELLO INDIA!! - 2 x 2 meters on Canvas // Titel PATINA for the Indian Art Fair in New Dehli


above: Fotos of Detail with my favorite socks and beautyful carpet from Maroc!

below: the 2 x 2 mts - find the frog!

and the making of:


Alive turkis kilims and rugs design textiledesign claudia caviezel

ALIVE - IHIB's magazine of Anatolian rugs and kilims
Thanks Ahmet! 


Atelier Pfister Claudia Caviezel sofa textile design carpet new colour

The Atelier Pfister collection 2015 is now available !!

my sofa RIOM and the kelim MARMORERA in a new look 

more details to the products here: www.atelierpfister.com  

Marmorera now also in B/W  -with a little glimpse of silver Lurex
Handmade in India – Wool – 240 x 170 cm



150 years Japan Switzerland Design Textile Design Claudia Caviezel

150th years of Swiss Design
traveling exhibition in Japan/2015

Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery  (www.operacity.jp) 2015 January 17th ~ March 29th
Shizuoka Prefectural Museum of Art / 2015 July 11th  ~ August 23th
Sapporo Art Museum / 2015 September 8th ~ November 8th 

Throughout the year 2014, Japan and Switzerland will celebrate the 150th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations. In the wake of the first treaty of Amity and Commerce signed in 1864, the countries have built a long and lasting friendship. Among the several exhibitions and events that will commemorate this anniversary in both countries, the present exhibition will offer an emphasis on “150 years of Swiss Design - Craftsmanship and functional beauty”.

I created a picture printed on textile cloth. Playing with the idea of „classicism landscape" wallcovering , combining  japanese and swiss sceneries, as well as Fauna and Flora and mixing it up with a touch of Painting and High Tech here and there.
two pieces / 3 x 5 mts, printed on Trevira CS at Mitlödi, Glarus, Switzerland
below: installation and colour proofing

photos: Ulysse Hecq-Cauquil  

 and some details in different scales:

from January 17th to March 29th 2015 at the Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery (www.operacity.jp) 


Shanghai Westbund art and design fair, textiledesign, Claudia Caviezel, wallpaper

Westbund Art and Design Fair Shanghai  www.westbund.com 

5 x 8 mts texitle wallcover - printed on Trevira CS by Mitlödi Textildruck AG in collaboration with Création Baumann, Switzerland.

In a former industrial site in Shanghai the Westbund Art & Design Fair
took place from September 25 to 29, 2014.
I was invited to present my textile art wall „Naturaleza“ together with a selection from the swiss design prize Langenthal and at the design forum I had a speech about textile design in different collaborations.


 on smartshanghai.com:
"The venue alone makes this show worthy of a visit. Just like the Yuz Museum next door, it’s a renovated hangar at the old Longhua Airport. Unlike its highly polished neighbor, however, this space is refreshingly rougher around the edges, retaining fascinating traces of its former function. It's an ideal venue for showing contemporary art: with high ceilings and big spaces."

...the making of ...

.... and some China impressions - I loved it in Shanghai!! ...


Atelier Pfister new collection- new colours, kelim, carpet, Claudia Caviezel, textile design, 

new Atelier Pfister collection is out 

my sofa RIOM reloaded – and in a new dress by Christoph Hefti! – Kelim MARMORERA in a new Mustard colour range! and the LUVEN bedding also in different sizes! – www.atelierpfister.ch 

MARMORERA - kelim handmade and dyed in India (170x240 cm / 349.-CHF)

below: LUVEN bed-linen now also available in different sizes (> up to 240 cm) and a new look 



and the making of - summer dots on paper!!


textile design, wallpaper, photography, interior, architecture, film, movie, cinema, Claudia Caviezel

Thun, Switzerland www.kino-thun.ch

Interiordesign -wallpaper and carpets - for Holzer Kobler Architekturen www.holzerkobler.com

with Jean-Lucien Gay www.nau.coop , meierpartner Architekten www.mparch.ch
for Kinobetriebe Marti, Thun Switzerland

Photos © Jean-Lucien Gay, Christian Helmle and myself

I was invited to collaborate for the interior design part, from beginning on, from research to wallpapers and carpets. It was a very close cooperation with the owners and the architects of the cinema - over two years we developed the look and the images of the walls and floors. The design and idea grew together with the construction. It was a great experience and I really enjoyed doing it! The communication at beginning, the exchange of ideas, the research, and also the work in the Photo studio recreating movie scenes and atmospheres >> special thanks to all friends and family for volunteering and modeling! I played with characters, with scenes and also with the light and the projection of a movie theater.

I love going to the movies, already back as a design student; I volunteered at an independent movie theater, for free entrance ...  please have a look


 As part of the site development Rex Max Thun the fully refurbished Cinema Rex hosts five new cinema auditoriums with 1000 seats and a newly designed bar. The refurbishment replaces the original Cinema Rex which was built in the early 1950s

In terms of colors and materials the original Rex acted as source of inspiration: the color concept consists mainly of black, white and a spectrum of vivid red hues. High-gloss finishes, neon contours, rounded light fittings and illuminated, ornate lettering are taking visitors back to the times when the original establishment was set up. 

Inspiration was also derived from the movies of the Cinema Noir era of the 1950s. The main structure in the foyer is surrounded by a unique carpet design which displays characteristic color inlays – an hommage to the classic cinema spotlights. The walls are highlighting subjects from well known movie scenes, shadow figures of famous movie stars are setting visitors off in the right mood for a visit to the cinema. Textile designer Claudia Caviezel recreated these famous movie scenes, document them anew and enhanced them graphically.  The seemless transition between the floor and the wall causes a harmonious overall composition.

more pictures...

- The making of - 

the making of - INTERIOR Design for the cinema REX in Thun, Switzerland - THANKS SIMONE!!!! from claudia Caviezel on Vimeo.


Above: Hundreds of meters printed on textile wallpaper at Mitlödi Textildruck Glarus, Switzerland www.mitloedi.com



Singapore Fairmont hotel, textile design, artwall, Claudia Caviezel, picture, digitale textile print, 

Fairmont Singapore Hotel *****

my Beijing art wall for the entrance hall in the Lobby of Fairmont Singapore! 
digital print on wallpaper (4.5 x 7.7 mts) www.fairmont.com/sinapore/

© pictures / Owen Ragget


Bivio, beddings, textile design, inkjet, print, marmor, Claudia Caviezel

BIVIO - my marble collection for Atelier Pfister
digital textile print on cotton Satin – 50x50 cm >>>shop online 

.... not only cushions - also bed linen in the same Bivio marble design ... in differnet sizes and colours


also as a wallpaper for the Atelier Pfister Popup Store in Zürich


Atelier Pfister carpet claudia Caviezel Textildesign colours structure pattern colour 

Foto: my carpets and kelims  MARMORERA - FELDIS - TOMILS - SURAVA

The new Atelier Pfister collection is now available!

SURAVA - carpets handmade and dyed in Turkey

It all started with an invitation from Atelier Pfister to Istanbul and Central Anatolia – to get to know their local handcraft and traditional carpet markets. Together with Niels Blaettler we visited retailers, producers and restorers in the city and on the countryside. It was a very interesting and inspiring trip, which led me to the SURAVA carpet collection. In a close collaboration with Niels and the people there we worked out the idea and the concept of the technique and material. Back in Switzerland I started to design the patterns and chose the colors.

left: Design for carpet - TODAY IS A GOOD DAY on carpet / ca. 170 x 240cm

Im Frühjahr reiste Claudia Caviezel auf Einladung von Atelier Pfister zusammen mit Niels Blättler nach Istanbul und Zentralanatolien zu Teppichhändlern sowie Produzenten und Restauratoren. Auf der eindrücklichen Reise zu den Ursprüngen des traditionellen Teppichhandwerks, deren Wurzeln auf die ersten Menschen und angehenden Nomaden zurückgehen, demonstrierte Ahmet Diller, der langjährige Partner von Pfister in der Türkei, die verschiedensten Techniken und Umsetzungen von Teppichen aus Zentralanatolien.  


Some impressions from our trip to Turkey last spring (Fotos Claudia Caviezel with Niels Blättler, Ahmet Diller, Tina Moor)






Used, traditional and hand knotted carpets are being redyed twice – for the cotton chain and another color for the woolen knots. It gives it a dense structure and it makes the history of the carpet visible by showing the used parts as a structure and new color, which fades in with the still visible original pattern. After this process lines of knots are being replaced by knots in a contrasting color. I worked out two drawings – one floral and one geometrical – which reminds me of hopscotch on playgrounds.

In enger Zusammenarbeit mit Niels Blättler entwickelte ich die Idee für die Teppichserie SURAVA: alte, traditionelle, von Hand geknüpfte Teppiche werden neu eingefärbt und mit einer Zeichnung. Das vom Aussterben bedrohte Teppichhandwerk in Zentralanatolien wird durch diesen Prozess des Recyclings und Upcyclings wiederbelebt und eröffnet den Teppichspezialisten und Restauratoren neue Perspektiven.

 Die alten Teppiche, die auf einer Baumwollkette mit Wolle geknüpft worden sind, werden in zwei Verfahren unterschiedlich eingefärbt. Auf diese Art entsteht ein vielschichtiges Zusammenspiel des originalen, immer noch leicht sichtbaren Teppichmusters, der Wolle, die die Farbe nicht ganz deckend annimmt und den Gebrauchs- und Schürspuren, welche in der Baumwolle unterschiedlich eingefärbt sind. Durch diese Grundstruktur des Musters zieht sich eine neu eingeknüpfte Linie, welche eine grafische oder eine florale Zeichnung bildet. 


Den Teppich SURAVA, Zeichnung floral, gibt es in den Farben Wasabi, Granat und Basalt; in der Zeichnung grafisch in den Farben Amber, Indigo und Türkis.

Jeder Teppich ist hinsichtlich Mass, Färbung, Musterung, Struktur und Ornament ein Unikat.
Ein Teppich in der Grösse von 170 x 240cm kostet ca. CHF 2850.-

making of Surava - the cat knows it all! from claudia Caviezel on Vimeo.


hochparterre surava carpet teppich textildesign interior türkey pixel presse



Atelier Pfister new collction carpets istanbul textile design 

my new collection for Atelier Pfister has been presented last week - pictures and infos are soon to come....

>>> go to article....


Atelier Pfister, Kelim, claudia Cavizel, textile design, interior, weaving 

new colours and shapes for my TOMILS Kelims for Atelier Pfister
in collaboration with Werner Weber  www.wernerweber.com  

handmade in IRAN > exclusive and each one different > for Atelier Pfister www.atelierpfister.ch


BURRI public elements, curtains, vorhänge, cortinas, leuchtkasten, natur in building, wild lement

>>> nominated for the design preis schweiz 2013!!!!

Elements go wild
-       a series of 7 pictures for curtains and light walls

for BURRI public elements  www.burriag.ch
in collaboration with Frédéric Dedelley  www.fredericdedelley.ch

Photos of applied images in architecture: Jürg Zimmermann  www.zimmermannfotografie.ch

 photo: LIGHT WALL in canteen  //  Inkjet print on Backlit  //  H2500mm x 9000mm

The goal of this project for BURRI public elements AG in collaboration with Frédéric Dedelley was, to evoke emotions and to bring some wild and beautiful nature into the minimalistic architecture of the new headquarter of the company. In the very same building there is the planning, production, presentation and business area. Hence various employees, customers and also the management are interacting with these vertical zones that also function as a product placement for BURRI’s wide range of product and technique solutions.
A series of seven pictures used as curtains or huge light walls draw the red thread through the different rooms and also have an effect to the outside of the building, especially by night, when illuminated.

I put nature in relation to the elements and products. Flowers, Trees, hanging gardens are invading the building and Animals are checking out and animate the space and products.

technical Data:
-       Curtains: Inkjet on Trevira CS
-       Light walls: Inkjet digital print on Backlit foil

above picture and photo: CURTAIN  //  Inkjet print on Trevira CS  //  H3300mm x B 8200mm 

above photo: CURTAIN  //  Inkjet print on Trevira CS  //  H4600mm x B8900mm 
below pictures: CURTAINS and LIGHT WALLS details of different pictures


below photo: two LIGHT WALLS in main entrance  //  Inkjet print on Backlit foil //  H13000mm x B2000mm



Feldis plastic carpets for Atelier Pfister, textile design Claudia Caviezel, geometrical shape, 

Carpets for the GARDEN - the KITCHEN - the BATH or where ever!

my outdoor KELIMS designed for Atelier Pfister
in 3 different sizes and Designs
S 150 x 90 cm  //  M  180 x 120 cm  //  L 270 x 180 cm 



Waldhaus Sils Maria, textile design, felsen, Claudia Caviezel, Frédéric Dedelley, Lampshade, tromp l'euil, plissée, digitale pri

Fumoir Hotel Waldhaus Sils-Maria www.waldhaus-sils.ch 

© Hotelarchiv Schweiz: Sammlung Roland Flückiger-Seiler

Textile Design: Plissée Tromp l'oeil Lampshades 
in collaboration with Frédéric Dedelley 2012 www.fredericdedelley.ch

Architecture Fumoir, Miller & Maranta AG, dipl. Architekten ETH BSA SIA
Design Lamps,
Frédéric Dedelley Product Designer ACCD(E)  
print Lampshade,
Claudia Caviezel
metalwork lamps: Fröhlich & Corbella GmbH, Zürich, www.froelich-corbella.ch
confection lampshade: Licht & Kunst Lampenschirmartelier, www.lightart.ch

         Fotos: © Frédéric Dedelley and Claudia Caviezel


new Atelier Pfister collection is out! - bedclothes, plaids, cushions, and KELIMS! Textile print, carpet

 just presented the new AP collection 2012!
all the items (bedclothes, cushions, plaids and Kelims) are available from the 15th of august- online or in the stores of Pfister 

Kelim TOMILS and MARMORERA - Cushions SIAT - Plaid SAGOGN
a collaboration with www.wernerweber.com



wallpaper for Jakob Schlaepfer, digital print, floral, 2011, interior design

my wallpaper for the new Jakob Schlaepfer Interior collection (size: 130 cm wide)