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11. September 2011 


my products for Atelier Pfister on Architonic !!!!

 my products for Atelier Pfister on Architonic.com (the independent resource for architeture and design)
the designs of the Cushion-Collection (on the back with velour 50 x 50 cm)


sofa, atelier Pfister, product design, print, digitale print, textile design, inkjet, transfer, colours trends claudia caviezel


RIOM / my Sofa for Atelier Pfister on sachenmachen.ch



Hoachperterre online

Text: Meret Ernst / 1.07.2011 11:16 
Foto: Meret Ernst 

Kissen von Claudia Caviezel für Atelier Pfistermehr Bilder



Atelier Pfister, Riom, Morissen, textildesign, Interior, Sofa, cushion

my Sofa RIOM and the cushions MORISSEN for Atelier Pfister
products are available from august 11th on!! 


Atelier Pfister / Preview collection _ SOFA/BETT- und KISSENSTOFF

TAGES ANZEIGER online !!! Atelier Pfister Preview collection


Erinnern Sie sich noch an die bunten Japanpapiere von früher? Sie haben die Textilkünstlerin Claudia Caviezel zu diesen plakativen, wunderschönen und bestimmt noch nie gesehenen Sofakissen inspiriert.

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Bettwäsche im Batiklook gehört auch zu den neuen Textilkreationen von Claudia Caviezel.

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Atelier Pfister design Sofa Textilkollektion

My portrait for Atelier Pfister:

>> I did a SOFA and an INTERIOR TEXTILE COLLECTION for this project curated by 
Alfredo Häberli. More about it soon :-)

The ATELIER PFISTER Newspaper introducing my work: ....









Für die zweite Kollektion von Atelier Pfister habe ich eine Reihe weiterer Gestalter eingeladen. Dazu gehören die Textildesignerin Claudia Caviezel, die besonders mit ihrer Farbigkeit, mit ihren collagenartigen Mustern für Überraschungen sorgt. Sie sprudelt vor Energie und finden in vielen Ländern neue Ideen. Kein Wunder, dass ihre Stoffe ausseheh, wie wenn man die ganze Welt durch ein Kaleidoskop sehen würde. Und für Atelier Pfister wagt sie sich zum ersten Mal an einen Möbelentwurf, ein Sofa. ......

The second Atelier Pfister Journal is out ----
and my Sofa getting ready for the photoshot, ...... 3,2,1........

Schulterposter - Polstergruppe




tape it     selection of diploma textile design, 2002 

Domino effects or chain reactions have been the method to create an inspiring collection, a fund of ideas with drafts, cloths, pictures, clothes, accessories and interiors presented in their various stages of development.
The adhesive tape marks my diploma collection.

I developed a new technique to make clothes seamless and reversible by using several different adhesive textile tapes.


Plissée Object used as scarf or photo-montage for fashion ideas: accessory 40 x 60 cm silkscreen on cotton, pleated with painter's masking tape


Part of the diploma collection were also paintings: acrylic- and spray-paint on wood, each 25 x 47 cm


Waistcoat Jacket Matador embroidery on wool ground fabric stuck together with adhesive textile tape in different colours / reversible wearable --/*/--Skirt and Lace-ups Ragusas textile tape make the pleats of the skirt, which all its painted yellow with acrylic paint, which gives it a stiff touch. The Lace-ups are put together with textile adhesive tape and green leather bands, the bottom are several layers of tape stuck together. --/*/-- Skirt Wendelin Silkscreen on neoprene stuck together with tape / reversible wearable


Going into SPACE / pumpkin tendrils

Skirt / cape ø 130 cm - Silkscreen print and spray-paint on former circular tablecloth, a green leather cord is holding the fabric on the hips. The same displayed onto the wall of a living room.



Blinds / tape it 2002 and Lucky Loft Gallery Hamburg 2006

Beige painter's masking tape stuck directly on the window. The several layers change the aspect and the effect of the pattern according to the changing of the light situation outside and inside the room. In sunshine, the shadow is displayed all over the room and creates a nice atmosphere.

I like it, because everybody can do it, it is cheap and effective! I want to animate people to improvise in their everyday environment, and be creative themselves, .... this is one way.

My idea to create patterns with simple painters masking tape on the windows was published in the first edition of 'Patterns in Design, Art and Architecture'.

(for more see link > press)


The same idea used with coloured paper- and textile tapes. Stuck together on both sides, used as a room divider or curtain, also changing its colour and pattern according to the light conditions.


Pages out of my sketch- and scrapbook during that time:



r‘adys / hightech clothing (co-work with Industrial Designer Remo Freiflinklink2005)

 Design and coloring of the first outdoor winter and summer ladies-collection for r‘adys.

For more information go to FLINK

 moodboards / technical drawings and coloring

the process, ...

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