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Swiss pavillion expo Astana 2017 Claudia Caviezel Atelier Oï Textildesign Fassade Architecture


10 June to 10 September 2017

Artwork for facades and visuals from Claudia Caviezel for the first world exhibition in Central Asia in Astana, capital of Kazakhstan in collaboration with Atelier Oï 

For the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs FDFA CH


Welcome to the Swiss Pavilion! Step inside and discover an interactive and poetic ecosystem in the midst of the modern and dynamic Astana exhibition. Focused on energy efficiency and sustainability and the management of natural resources, the Pavilion is centered on renewable energy sources. It also shows off the beauty of the Swiss Alps and promotes Switzerland as fertile ground for scientific research and innovation.


below details of entrance facade:

Above: entrance facade ~22x9 mts / digital print on textile // Below: front facade ~9x17.6 mts / digital print on textile



IFDM –Agatha Kari: “Future Energy is the theme of Expo 2017 in Astana, from 10 June to 10 September. The Swiss Pavilion under the slogan Flower Power symbolizes the power of nature and its potential in the form of renewable energies.

The white landscape transforms into a magical garden with trees that dance in cycles and blooming flowers. Everything is colorful and dynamic in order to convey energy to the visitor through a real sensory explosion.
In collaboration with Claudia Caviezel and Expomobilia, Atelier Oi has designed a lyrical and poetical pavilion with stylized little white houses of various dimensions, rotating trees and colorful projections on the floor.”


Several images by Claudia Caviezel for the projections of the rotating trees and 470m2 big interior of the Swiss Pavilion

Above: Gobos for projections inside - and below: Design for Foulards - print on Silk / 80x80 cm

Photo credits: © 2017 – FDFA, Presence Switzerland / Atelier Oï / Expomobilia / Claudia Caviezel







Textile design art claudia caviezel Accra chamber gallery ny MATYLDA KRZYKOWSKI

Chamber Gallery New York, US

Room With Its Own Rules: Collection #3

“Room With Its Own Rules” is an example of what is clearly not yet happening. It presents a parallel, post-patriarchal reality in which an all-female show is a normal phenomenon, rather than a specially planned “affirmative action.” – Matylda Krzykowski

© David Brandon Geeting, courtesy of Chamber

Accra / 2017

For this work I was inspired by a text I read about a person living in Accra, the capitol of Ghana - the former British colony now independent > the classic „European“/English wallpaper fades out in tropical colors and fauna, …one side has the clash of different traditions - but also nature, that takes back civilized property so fast - that gives hope and feels good…

It is printed on a light fabric in bright colors - hung over a simple metal bar - not fixed, it moves in the wind.

©David Brandon Geeting, courtesy of Chamber

Damn Magazine online: "The final show of Collection #3 is an all-female show, with work by Ana Kraš, Ania Jaworska, Åsa Jungnelius, Buro Belén, Claudia Caviezel, Gun Gordillo, Hilda Hellström, Johanna Grawunder, Katie Stout, Kiki van Eijk, Lindsey Adelman, Liz Collins, Marlène Huissoud, Mimi Jung, Mira Nakashima, Pieke Bergmans, Sabine Marcelis, Sarah Zapata, Sigrid von Lintig, Studio Berg, and Zohra Opoku. The title of the show, Room with Its Own Rules, ties together the many studio visits and conversations conducted, encouraging a range of strong women define their own principles for life and work. The selection of objects produced for Show IV is a combination of work by female designers, artists and architects who relate to ideas around living spaces and desired objects. Many of the works on view center around colliding ideas of functional object and sculpture.

Chamber gallery is a 21st century cabinet of curiosities for one-of-a-kind, rare and limited edition objects of design and art. Founded in 2014 in New York City, the gallery aims to be a reliquary for unusual objects, as well as a platform for design experimentation. As a central part of its program, an artist or designer is chosen to curate an entire collection, bringing their unique viewpoint to Chamber through specially commissioned works and rare and vintage items."
© David Brandon Geeting, courtesy of Chamber

Below: making of and photo hot in St. Gallen – Thanks Michael Wiesner!


Claudia Caviezel Textildesign Photography wallpaper exhibition museum bellerive zürich marroc

Maroc Couleurs Désert, Museum Bellerive Zürich  //2.9.2016 - 29.1.2017

Out of materials that have served their purpose they create a new kind of applied art: in the Moroccan Sahara the women of a Berber tribe use wool from old pullovers to weave carpets, blankets and cushions of high design quality. Since the 1980s these talented weavers have opened up a unique world of forms and colours by creatively examining traditional handcraft and employing a highly individual style.

I presented 4 photographies - which I took my inspiration from the atmosphere of the Ethnographic Museum in Chefchaouen, which deals with the cultural heritage of northern Morocco. The portraits of woman in traditional costumes from the region inspired my to rework them with my own camera. I captured the reflection of fluorescent lights, which give this tradition a futuristic note, almost like lightsabers. Printed on fabric and with bright dots of colour, the pictures now excude a Western aesthetics.






Keramik, ceramics for Atelier Pfister, colour structure Claudia Caviezel



A collection of six pieces // handmade in Portugal !!

For Atelier Pfister I had the chance to travel to Portugal and work on this ceramics collection. I had time to experiment, and finalised the project with this version: spray-paint engobe with 3D glazes combined in multicolour engobe, and a bright royal and light pink in glaze.

vase // Ø 13 cm, H 19 cm


plate // ø 36 cm - vase // ø 18 cm, H 50 cm - vase ø 7-12 cm, H 28 cm

For more infos please contact me or check out  www.atelierpfister.ch


The making of and inspiration: To all the people involved - in Portugal and Switzerland, thanks a lot!






Indian Art Fair picture textile canvas new dehli textiledesign Claudia Caviezel patina

HELLO INDIA!! - 2 x 2 meters on Canvas // Titel PATINA for the Indian Art Fair in New Dehli


above: Fotos of Detail with my favorite socks and beautyful carpet from Maroc!

below: the 2 x 2 mts - find the frog!

and the making of:


claudia caviezel Photography new project textil

new projects ... soon more!
greetings from BELLA ITALIA


150 years Japan Switzerland Design Textile Design Claudia Caviezel

150th years of Swiss Design
traveling exhibition in Japan/2015

Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery  (www.operacity.jp) 2015 January 17th ~ March 29th
Shizuoka Prefectural Museum of Art / 2015 July 11th  ~ August 23th
Sapporo Art Museum / 2015 September 8th ~ November 8th 

Throughout the year 2014, Japan and Switzerland will celebrate the 150th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations. In the wake of the first treaty of Amity and Commerce signed in 1864, the countries have built a long and lasting friendship. Among the several exhibitions and events that will commemorate this anniversary in both countries, the present exhibition will offer an emphasis on “150 years of Swiss Design - Craftsmanship and functional beauty”.

I created a picture printed on textile cloth. Playing with the idea of „classicism landscape" wallcovering , combining  japanese and swiss sceneries, as well as Fauna and Flora and mixing it up with a touch of Painting and High Tech here and there.
two pieces / 3 x 5 mts, printed on Trevira CS at Mitlödi, Glarus, Switzerland
below: installation and colour proofing

photos: Ulysse Hecq-Cauquil  

 and some details in different scales:

from January 17th to March 29th 2015 at the Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery (www.operacity.jp) 


Shanghai Westbund art and design fair, textiledesign, Claudia Caviezel, wallpaper

Westbund Art and Design Fair Shanghai  www.westbund.com 

5 x 8 mts texitle wallcover - printed on Trevira CS by Mitlödi Textildruck AG in collaboration with Création Baumann, Switzerland.

In a former industrial site in Shanghai the Westbund Art & Design Fair
took place from September 25 to 29, 2014.
I was invited to present my textile art wall „Naturaleza“ together with a selection from the swiss design prize Langenthal and at the design forum I had a speech about textile design in different collaborations.


 on smartshanghai.com:
"The venue alone makes this show worthy of a visit. Just like the Yuz Museum next door, it’s a renovated hangar at the old Longhua Airport. Unlike its highly polished neighbor, however, this space is refreshingly rougher around the edges, retaining fascinating traces of its former function. It's an ideal venue for showing contemporary art: with high ceilings and big spaces."

...the making of ...

.... and some China impressions - I loved it in Shanghai!! ...


Exhibition in Paris, Musée des arts et métiers, Paris, cusions Kelim, carpet Claudia Caviezel, 

design [r]evolution

musée des arts et métiers, paris
june 4th - 16th, 2013

on Designboom.com:

from june 4th-16th, 2013, the historic musée des arts et métiers in paris will be home to 'design [r]evolution', an exhibition presenting the work 
of a select group of international designers from france, sweden, the netherlands, the united states, switzerland and belgium as part of the 
designer's days paris program
 (june 4th - 9th).


First international Design Triennial at Beijing National Museum, Wallpaper Claudia Caviezel

My wallpaper for the BIDT - First international Design Triennial in Beijing - was a popular Photospot for so many Chinese, .... 

The exhibition Good Guys is curated by Holzer Kobler Architekten and Martin Heller, and the wallpaper was produced and sponsored by Jakob Schlaepfer.


M wallpaper was a welcome photospot for so many Chinese at the National Museum in Beijing. The photos have been taken within 15 minutes!! CRAZY!



National Museum Beijing, wallpaper, Inkjet, China

BIDT -- First international Design Triennial in Beijing

GOOD GUYS - curated by Holzer Kobler Architekten and Martin Heller

Soundtrack from the movie "In the mood for love"花樣年華, Fa yeung nin wa
unter Regie von Wong Kar-Wai

Exhibition-setup at the National Museum in Peking // helping out with the chinese letters - together with Qiu!

The first Beijing International Design Triennial will be held in China National
Museum which is located on the east side of Tian’anmen Square from Sep
28, 2011 to Oct 17, 20ll. The exhibition venue is constituted by five halls
and covers 6000 square meters altogether. The Triennial will take the form of
theme exhibition, under the general theme “Good Design”, five exhibitions of

some impressions from the exhibition and the city - just got back, and I really enjoyed my time in BEIJING!!



Claudia Caviezel in Beijing Design Triennial 2011

caviezel.cc attending the 

Opening september 28 !! at the national museum - see you there!


St. Gall textile Museum, wallpaper and carpets 2011

ST. GALL textile museum
design of carpet and wallpaper, 2011

Inspired by the embroidery of many centuries I designed a carpet and matching wallpaper for an exhibition at the textile museum in St. Gallen. In cooperation with Bernhard Duss and Martin Leuthold, the curators of the Exhibition. some impressions and the link to the exhibition.

The printed carpet-design ca. 11 x 12 meters!

Above you see the lounge room where visitors can also buy scarves I developed in the same aesthetics.(pictures below)...





In another room you can see a carpet where I played with different light situations and the idea of antique tapisserie. The size of the printed carpet is 15 x 4 m.













And for the sponsoring bank of the exhibition there I made a carpet, too:  26 x 4 meters.


Köln Möbelmesse IMM 2011 Tapete Trendforum Interiors

imm Cologne 2011
wallpaper for interior Trend space, 2011

For the company Jakob Schlaepfer I designed this wallpaper. It was exhibited at the Interior Trend Show at the imm in Cologne for color and pattern ideas for the future. Printed on fabric and coated with a special holofoil it has special effects according to the light situation. We had great response on this print, and many followed.


mercedes benz, trendtalk, design, innovation

On Sunday the 6th march I will be in a Trend Talk of 125 years Mercedes-Benz at the MOTORSHOW in Geneva. >> more infos

"Der Erfinder des Automobils holt die Ideengeber für morgen auf die Bühne. Trendsetter aus Design, Mode, Sport und Technologie live im Gespräch"

pictures of the talk:



NZZ, textildesign, digital print, fashion, inkjet, floral collection, flower power, transferprint, museum für gestaltung, swiss federal design grant, claudia caviezel, claudia caviezel, jakob schlaepfer

3. Dezember 2010, Neue Zürcher Zeitung

...."Schon eher aus der Reihe zu tanzen scheint Claudia Caviezel: Als Designerin beim renommierten St. Galler Textilhersteller Jakob Schlaepfer hat sie Flower-Power mit barocker Überschwänglichkeit kombiniert und Stoffe entworfen, welche die Modewelt elektrisierten. Jedenfalls gehören Labels wie Akris, Vivienne Westwood und Louis Vuitton zu ihren Kunden."....

zum >> NZZ Artikel


SWISS DESIGN GRANT, Claudia Caviezel, Textile print, product design, museum für gestaltung zürich, 2010 fashion, award, 


30.11.2010 the opening at the Museum für Gestaltung in Zürich, at 19 Uhr!
with an exhibition of all the winners work > 1.12.2010 - 20.2.2011
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>check out the awarded workhere

Ausstellungsgespräche: (=open discussion in the exhibition with:)
19.1.2010 > 18 Uhr 
Denn sie wissen, was sie tun 
Talk with Bonbon: Valeria Bonin, Diego Bontognali, Grafikdesigner, Claudia Caviezel, Textildesignerin, Moritz Schmid, Industriedesigner mit Anna Niederhäuser 


In the magazine WOHNREVUE now:

Sequins on shrink-embroidery with pearls and leather flowers
Designed for Jakob Schlaepfer

Here the Link to the article of Claudia Hoff about the DMY


swiss federal design grant design textile claudia caviezel prints floral flower bak 2010


For the third time (2003/2007) I won this award and am very HAPPY!

There will be an exhibition of all the winners of the different design disciplines at the end of this year in the MUSEUM für GESTALTUNG in Zürich.

The evaluated floral textile collection together with a research project in productdesign will be presented.