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some rainy af

Some rainy afternoon in St. Gallen - Take some time, and dive in … 
a movie I did, with music from CAT POWER

this afternoon from claudia Caviezel on Vimeo.



textile design, wallpaper, photography, interior, architecture, film, movie, cinema, Claudia Caviezel

Thun, Switzerland www.kino-thun.ch

Interiordesign -wallpaper and carpets - for Holzer Kobler Architekturen www.holzerkobler.com

with Jean-Lucien Gay www.nau.coop , meierpartner Architekten www.mparch.ch
for Kinobetriebe Marti, Thun Switzerland

Photos © Jean-Lucien Gay, Christian Helmle and myself

I was invited to collaborate for the interior design part, from beginning on, from research to wallpapers and carpets. It was a very close cooperation with the owners and the architects of the cinema - over two years we developed the look and the images of the walls and floors. The design and idea grew together with the construction. It was a great experience and I really enjoyed doing it! The communication at beginning, the exchange of ideas, the research, and also the work in the Photo studio recreating movie scenes and atmospheres >> special thanks to all friends and family for volunteering and modeling! I played with characters, with scenes and also with the light and the projection of a movie theater.

I love going to the movies, already back as a design student; I volunteered at an independent movie theater, for free entrance ...  please have a look


 As part of the site development Rex Max Thun the fully refurbished Cinema Rex hosts five new cinema auditoriums with 1000 seats and a newly designed bar. The refurbishment replaces the original Cinema Rex which was built in the early 1950s

In terms of colors and materials the original Rex acted as source of inspiration: the color concept consists mainly of black, white and a spectrum of vivid red hues. High-gloss finishes, neon contours, rounded light fittings and illuminated, ornate lettering are taking visitors back to the times when the original establishment was set up. 

Inspiration was also derived from the movies of the Cinema Noir era of the 1950s. The main structure in the foyer is surrounded by a unique carpet design which displays characteristic color inlays – an hommage to the classic cinema spotlights. The walls are highlighting subjects from well known movie scenes, shadow figures of famous movie stars are setting visitors off in the right mood for a visit to the cinema. Textile designer Claudia Caviezel recreated these famous movie scenes, document them anew and enhanced them graphically.  The seemless transition between the floor and the wall causes a harmonious overall composition.

more pictures...

- The making of - 

the making of - INTERIOR Design for the cinema REX in Thun, Switzerland - THANKS SIMONE!!!! from claudia Caviezel on Vimeo.


Above: Hundreds of meters printed on textile wallpaper at Mitlödi Textildruck Glarus, Switzerland www.mitloedi.com



pillow fight, cushion SIAT Atelier Pfister, Basil Stücheli photos, clip Claudia Caviezel, textile design, print, clip design video

pillow fight with Atelier Pfister SIAT cushions / 2012

thanks for the photos: Basil Stücheli!


First international Design Triennial at Beijing National Museum, Wallpaper Claudia Caviezel

My wallpaper for the BIDT - First international Design Triennial in Beijing - was a popular Photospot for so many Chinese, .... 

The exhibition Good Guys is curated by Holzer Kobler Architekten and Martin Heller, and the wallpaper was produced and sponsored by Jakob Schlaepfer.


M wallpaper was a welcome photospot for so many Chinese at the National Museum in Beijing. The photos have been taken within 15 minutes!! CRAZY!



National Museum Beijing, wallpaper, Inkjet, China

BIDT -- First international Design Triennial in Beijing

GOOD GUYS - curated by Holzer Kobler Architekten and Martin Heller

Soundtrack from the movie "In the mood for love"花樣年華, Fa yeung nin wa
unter Regie von Wong Kar-Wai

Exhibition-setup at the National Museum in Peking // helping out with the chinese letters - together with Qiu!

The first Beijing International Design Triennial will be held in China National
Museum which is located on the east side of Tian’anmen Square from Sep
28, 2011 to Oct 17, 20ll. The exhibition venue is constituted by five halls
and covers 6000 square meters altogether. The Triennial will take the form of
theme exhibition, under the general theme “Good Design”, five exhibitions of

some impressions from the exhibition and the city - just got back, and I really enjoyed my time in BEIJING!!



caviezel.cc // Como textile research for Akris prefall 2012

Just got back from a trip to Como > doing textile research for AKRIS! and looking for shoes, ....!

Como steps from claudia Caviezel on Vimeo.



Atelier Pfister design Sofa Textilkollektion

My portrait for Atelier Pfister:

>> I did a SOFA and an INTERIOR TEXTILE COLLECTION for this project curated by 
Alfredo Häberli. More about it soon :-)

The ATELIER PFISTER Newspaper introducing my work: ....









Für die zweite Kollektion von Atelier Pfister habe ich eine Reihe weiterer Gestalter eingeladen. Dazu gehören die Textildesignerin Claudia Caviezel, die besonders mit ihrer Farbigkeit, mit ihren collagenartigen Mustern für Überraschungen sorgt. Sie sprudelt vor Energie und finden in vielen Ländern neue Ideen. Kein Wunder, dass ihre Stoffe ausseheh, wie wenn man die ganze Welt durch ein Kaleidoskop sehen würde. Und für Atelier Pfister wagt sie sich zum ersten Mal an einen Möbelentwurf, ein Sofa. ......

The second Atelier Pfister Journal is out ----
and my Sofa getting ready for the photoshot, ...... 3,2,1........

Schulterposter - Polstergruppe




waiting for my prints at a copyshop in Madrid:

waiting for my prints from claudia Caviezel on Vimeo.




SUMMER VACATION! in our garden

(mähen) from claudia Caviezel on Vimeo




Claudia Caviezel, textile design, swiss business lounge airport zürich

SWISS November 2009

Starting with the BLINDES idea, I already used in my textile design diploma 2002 tape it; I developed a series of patterns for room dividers and walls in the Business class Lounge of Swissport International Ltd. at Airport Zurich in the New Terminal Dock Midfield. 

It was collaboration with the Architect Daniela Saxer
Setup with Simone Häcki


A video of the setup and production of the BRANDING_WALL:

BLINDES from claudia Caviezel on Vimeo.

BLINDES from claudia Caviezel on Vimeo.




claudia caviezel vitra design workshop boisbuchet claudia caviezel

Boisbuchet // VITRA Design Workshop with Gala Fernandez


camera obscura, .... first try >>>checking out the amount of light and if the pinhole camera is totaly closed at all. The video shows what is captured within the exposure time of the photo:

captured from claudia Caviezel on Vimeo.

and that's the same, burned into a paper:

The conclusion: Too much light, and the camera not totally closed. ... Let's try again!


Workshop with MISSONI 

MISSONI in Madrid, MISSONI in the Prado-Museum, MISSONI and Art…

It is an experiment to play with the strong relationship of  MISSONI and the Art-world. I see it as a fusion of color and shape, which changes the message of the original paintings or drawings sometimes ironically, sometimes artistically.

  •            A series of pictures for postcards, a campaign
  •            Or just to be showed and framed as they are